The finast Charburger being served in the HEART OF TEXAS

 HAV-R Charburger has been in business for over 20 years in Duncanville Texas. Just outside Dallas and Ft. Worth. A true institution. The Charburgers are made with only the freshest Groundbeef and each burger is cooked with perfection. HAV-R Charburger was RECENTLY PURCHASED BY Kevin McKee and Kevin is currently connecting the business to the social network and is close to having a great website completed havrcharburger.com or texascharburger.com. Kevin will make sure that the same great quality Charburger will continued to be offered to the cusomers and at the same time he will be adding Items to the menu to see if the customers like them. Customers will be able to go online and find coupons and specials. Check for HAV-R Charburger burger of the month and please stop by and ay high tio Kevin. He is lookingforward to meeting all his customers.  ​​​​

CICI Schramm -5 sta
Friendliest staff ever, always smiling and in a good mood. the burgers are awesome and love the seasoning on the fries.

Nicole Marti reviewed Hav-R Charburger — 5 star
Just got A Bacon Cheeseburger combo to go. 
Got home and this burger is huge
Plus it is so yummy and the fries are good too! 
Great place Great Food Great People
I will be going back

Brook Bennett reviewed Hav-R Charburger — 5 star
 I LOVE Hav-R Charburger! So delicious. I had the catfish sandwich and a fried brownie sundae, and a Diet RC cola! Who needs the state fair when you can skip the crowds and go to Hav-R Charburger?!

Juan Muñoz reviewed Hav-R Charburger — 5 star
Found a new burger spot . The food was great and great customer service

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